Something Old...Something New!

Exciting News! our most popular line of papers, Envelopments, is bringing in over 110 new colors and patterns, a slew of new exciting shapes and sizes and new original artwork to incorporate into your designs.

As this short transition period begins, we will be starting the process of moving from our current line to our new stocks. Some stocks have been discontinued by the mills and are no longer available. In other cases we have chosen to replace existing stocks with new ones that are better quality and/or heavier weight, richer and more vibrant colors, and/or more printer-friendly, as well as new environmental options.

Please reference the list of discontinued stocks (below) and contact me right away if you need any of these papers. Many of them are available in limited quantities - so you need to act quickly. You can view swatches of these colors online here.

C1 Matte: Blossom, Blueberry, Burgundy Linen, Cardinal, Ecru, Forest, Huckleberry, Natural Kraft, Navy Linen, Paprika, Rain, River Rock, Robins Egg, Tartan and White

C2 Metallic: Garnet, Kyanite, Obsidian, Opal, Rhodolite, Rubelite, Sapphire, Sunstone, Tanzanite and Zinc

C3 Textured Metallic: Contessa, Delphinium, Hydrangea, Iris, Lilac, Moss, Swan, Tulip, Tusk and Willow

C4 Patterned: Aquamarine-DOT00, Azalea-DOT00, Bamboo-ABA01, Bamboo-KAL95, Bamboo-REG95, Blush Pink-REP02, Bronze-REG95, Champagnium-STA00, Coal-DOT00, Cocoa-COT00, Creme Brulee-NOU53, Geisha-STA00, Kelp-KAL95, Lapis-ABA77, Lapis-STA00, Luster-STA00, Paprika-PLU73, Powder Blue-REP50, River Rock-MEH62, Serpentine-DOT00, Swan-MEH22, Swan-MEH77 and Tusk-REG34

C5 Duplex: Blue Ice/Cappuccino, Cappuccino/Grape, Cherry/Mango, Kiwi/Blue Ice, Mango/Watermelon and Watermelon/Kiwi

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