The Perfect Invitation for An Eternity {Hollywood Invitations}

Have you read or watched any of the Twilight Saga? If you haven't then you might not know that the first part of the last book,  Breaking Dawn, is coming out in theaters on November 18th of this year. In the movie Edward and Bella finally tie the knot. And the wedding invitation for this large event has been flying across the internet for the past two weeks. We first saw it here. And no, we don't have teenage daughters who showed us these sites... we looked ourselves.

Wanna see what an engaged vampire/human couple do for their invitations? Take a look! I wish it had a bit more. Maybe just a layer of card stock behind it or something else but I enjoy its simplicity. Totally Bella. But I don't see much of Edward in it. With him being 106 years old I'd think that Alice (who I assume designed the invitation) would have gone the traditional route and included the parents' names before the couple's. What do you think?

Source: Fan Pop

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