Wrap Around Labels {Ideas and Inspiration}

I love when a new design idea comes out and it makes the whole look and feel of a product even better. This definitely is the case with wrap around labels. They're so versatile and customizable, not to mention functional! You can not only put your recipients address on the label but your return address as well. And the label can serve as a second seal to the back of the envelope. Plus, doesn't it just look good?

Now I know that wedding invitations are supposed to be handwritten (ya know, as per Miss Manners herself) but if you aren't going that route and are planning on printing the addresses on labels or right on the envelopes then this is a great alternative!

These would also be great for party invitations, thank you cards or just your every day stationery to write to friends and loved ones.

Cherish Paperie not only offers custom stationery but the accessories that make that stationery one of a kind. From custom stamps to custom wrap around labels, we're your one stop shop for all stationery needs!

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