FAQ Series - Timing?

Proofs - Once you place an order it can take up to 10 business days (monday-friday) to receive a proof - and yes, sometimes it is even longer - we are a small family run business with only 2 full time employees (and 3 other part time and assembly staff), so it sometimes takes a while to get the initial proof out to you. Once you recieve it though, things usually go pretty quickly - I email back any changes you have and send out a printed mockup - but no, these are not necessarily sent on the day you approve the proof - we have to do everything in batches - otherwise nothing would ever get done ;-)

Once I put on a "design" hat I send out a LOT of proofs all on one day, then have to switch to the "mockup/production" hat to get things sent out - so usually mockups are printed on the tail end of a production run in another day or 2.

Phone calls - I do the same thing with phone calls as well, I return calls in batches a couple of times a day - it is hard to stop what I am doing to answer the phone each time it rings - and I do like to give each client personal attention - so calls are done usually 1st thing in the morning and later on in the afternoon (usually after we have gotten the FedEx shipments sent for the day).

But rest assured - I **LOVE** what we do - I always get excited to get a new order, new design, new project - whatever! And sometimes I don't estimate my time right - I always forget to figure in all those pesky variables like, the internet going down, printers not working right, kids screaming...excited that summer is almost here! etc ;-)

We CAN get programs printed and shipped in day if we need to and we have not missed a wedding yet! We ship all orders via FedEx so they always arrive on time and with tracking info. My husband and I do take pride in our work and strive to provide excellent customer service - I know I can sometimes be a bit slow in getting back to you - there are sometimes just not enough hours in the day (we usually work 12-14 now!), but *I* know I can get everything done in time, so *try* not to worry (I know it is hard for brides sometimes!) if you don't hear right back from us! And of course if you ever have suggestions for us we would love to hear them!

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