We have decided to add on to our house, construction began on August 2 and is moving very quickly, but since we operate our business out of our home and garage this has but a bit of a kink in our day to day business - everything has moved to various rooms to accommodate the various changes the contruction is making. And the pounding...who knew they guys have to pound EVERYTHING! Unfortunately this make taking calls and talking on the phone a bit of a trick, so if you can email please do! I can usually get back to calls by about 4pm when the contruction guys leave for the day, but since I am in CA this usually is not a great time to call back East coast customers - PLEASE leave a message and I will get back to you usually the next day during breaks in the pounding. On the plus side when the addition is finshed we will have 500 more sq ft of dedicated office space for the business!

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