Planning Your Holiday Greeting Cards

It’s Almost Time to Send Your Holiday Greeting Cards! If you are sending holiday cards this year, which we love to do, you need to make sure that they are ready and sent at the right time. Getting organized and writing out all those cards can seem like a chore and more than a few of us are guilty of putting it off till the last minute. This year, it’s time to do holiday cards the right way.

Lift Your Spirits High
If you want to get in the mood for holiday cards, turn on some Christmas or seasonal music while you prepare them. You can try upbeat music, recent holiday songs by your favorite artists, or classical music such as the soundtrack from The Nutcracker. Start with a mug of hot chocolate or cider (or maybe a pumpkin spice latte!) and then get to work.

Look for a design that works best for your family. Some card designs include space for a picture or two. If you've recently had family photos done try and choose one that includes the whole family. You don't want people forgetting that there are parents in that family of yours! I know some of my friends only include pictures of the kids and that's okay, but seeing the whole family is always a nice way of spreading the holiday cheer.

If you don't find a design that fits what you want than just contact Cherish Paperie and we can work with you to create the perfect custom holiday card!

Put the Pen to the Paper
Consider including a personalized message in your card. Holiday cards are not the time to get lazy – simply signing your name isn’t going to cut it. Think of a message that will reach each of the recipients with joy and love. Simple is perfect. You don't have to write out a long letter if you don't want. But if you do, consider including a nice summary of the year on some beautiful stationery. 

If you have several dozen cards to send, you might find it difficult to address all of your cards in one sitting. That’s okay. We’re doing this to music and hot chocolate, remember? Simply break up the task into manageable chunks. If it takes you Saturday and Sunday for two consecutive weekends to get all your holiday cards addressed, that’s fine. Just make sure that you plan to write out your holiday cards early enough that you can complete them at such a leisurely pace.

Things to Remember
Make sure you have ordered enough cards for everyone that you plan to send to and make sure you have enough stamps to go with them. In an effort to make your cards stand apart from the rest consider doing a few simple things to spice them up:

Use Customized Labels
Wrap around labels are a great way to make your holiday card stand out amongst the rest! They add a bit of color to the mail and can make addressing the envelopes a lot easier. You can also add a custom photo return label to the envelope to personalize your holiday card even more. And if labels aren't your thing you can always play around with different fonts and colors to change things up.

Create Your Own Postage
We are partnered up with to create the perfect postage for any of your stationery. Match it with the style of your holiday cards or even add a picture of the family right on the stamp! Simple and easy to do. Just let us know what you'd like to design up and we'll order it for you! 

Holiday cards are still a staple of the holiday season. So, you should definitely make sure you send one out to all your friends and family this holiday season.

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