Paper Pumpkin Ornament {Hostess with the Mostess DIY Tutorial}

I have to admit... I've had this craft bookmarked for quite some time (along with a few others). And I'm just now getting the chance to try it out with my kids and share it with you. I have a lot of scrap paper to use up so I'm hoping to try out a few paper crafts I've had bookmarked for a bit.

I love how simple this ornament is yet it's the perfect addition to my other harvest decor. And the best part about pumpkin decorations is that they can be used from September till the end of November! For the original post on Hostess with the Mostess go here. This DIY project was submitted to HWTM by this talented lady here


• 1-2 pieces of orange construction paper
• 1 piece of green construction paper
• 1 piece of brown construction paper
• scissors
• paper cutter (optional)
• paper clips and/or stapler
• string

Cut the orange pieces of construction paper into 1″ wide strips (each strip will be 1″ x 11″). Then, shorten some of the strips so that you have (1) 6″, (2) 7″, (2) 9″, and (2) 11″ long pieces.

Gather the strips of paper together (with the ends flush) and place the smallest one in the middle. Order them by size so that the largest strip is on the outside.

Secure with a paper clip or staple (I prefer the paper clip so that I can keep adding more elements). Line up the opposite ends so that they are together like the top.

Cut a brown strip of paper 1/4″ by 3″ long for the stem. To make it curl, wrap the paper around a pencil and hold it in place while you count to 20 (or sing the ABC song).

Cut out two leaf shapes from the green paper (ours were sort of like pairs of bunny ears).

Add the stem, leaves, and a piece of string to the paper clip at the top.

Hang up and enjoy!

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