The Groom's Opinion

Sometimes the bride gets so carried away with wedding day planning that she sometimes forgets that the groom is just as much a part of the planning process as she is. We thought that posting a few links to some groom friendly articles and websites might prove helpful to get the groom a little more involved.

A Groom With A View -
The Wedding Yentas dedicated a whole post on their blog to the groom's point of view In short, the groomwants you to know that your wedding day should be about you both… as a couple. It’s easy to get caught up in a different frame of mind, but maybe this will give you two a little reminder of what the day is celebrating in the first place!

The Modern Groom's Role in Wedding Planning -
Linda Maggert of One of a Kind Events writes "In olden days, the basic duties of the groom were to get dressed in what the bride had chosen and show up – on time! Today many brides and grooms are sharing the responsibilities of wedding planning and of the events of the wedding day itself. How do men navigate the waters of wedding planning? How do you know what is expected and what to do?" To read more of Linda's article check out Wedding Day's post here.

The Groom With A View - 
One man's thoughts on planning a wedding - for any bride who has ever wondered what her fiance might be thinking, but isn't actually saying. A blog dedicated to a groom writing about and recapping the wedding process. From the planning to the big day. It hasn't been updated in over a year but that's because the groom is happily married. Read back a few posts (or even browse through all of them) and you'll get a good sense of the groom's part in all of the wedding hubub. It's a light fun read that proves very entertaining.
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Here Comes The Groom -
The LA Times' Emerson Patrick, a Custom Publishing Writer, recently wrote an article about manning up on wedding day. Hopefully his article make grooms more aware of the position they hold as well as the say they have in their day. Because it is not just the brides day (and that's coming from a bride, herself).

If you are a groom and would like to share your side of the wedding planning with us please feel free to contact us and we may use your story in future posts. Or if you know of a great website or blog that focuses on the groom we'd love to read them!

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