An Invitation Story - Janelle & Nelson {San Diego, CA}

Janelle and Nelson's wedding took place in San Diego, CA on May 10th, 2008. They said their I do's at Our Lady of the Rosary and had a beautiful reception at the Four Seasons Resort Avaria. Janelle currently is a full time mom to an adorable two year old. She shared a little with us on how she came to choose her wedding invitations...

I knew our invitation would have to represent our personalities and our style/vision of what I wanted our wedding to be. Nelson and I have simple taste. We didn't want an 'overdone' wedding to take away the reason why we're celebrating- the start of our wonderful lives together. 

BUT, at the same time, we wanted the ceremony/reception to be classy, modern, romantic and simply pretty. I chose a skinny layout to cover the modern look I hoped to attain. The orange flowers added a vibrant, modern look that made for a perfect touch. The edges were ripped to create the 'romantic & timeless' look I was going for. The font was exactly what I wanted- simple and clean. 

I was very pleased with the completed look!

Thank you, Janelle, for letting us know what inspired your choice on invitations for the big day! Do you have an invitation story to share? Send in your story with pictures to for a chance to be featured on our blog!

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