Alway a Bridesmaid - Custom Bridesmaid Cards {Ideas and Inspiration}

So you significant other has asked the big question and you said yes! Now what do you do? Why not start at the beginning and think about who you want standing by your side on your big day? A special way to ask your best friends to join you and stand up for you is a custom card made just for them. Personalize it with their name(s) and the role you are asking them to play (maid/matron/man of honor, bridesmaid, attendant, etc).

You can get fun and creative in how you present it as well. You don't need to just mail it out. Plan a special tea or luncheon at a nice restaurant or ask them to join you for a spa day to celebrate the occasion. 

Once they've agreed and you start moving on with your planning process, keep them up to date on all of the happenings. Let them know when you need them. Use a cute card that states when the dress fittings are, when the hair appointments are scheduled and any other event is scheduled for.

These special cards can be customized to match your wedding invitations and reception stationery. 

And if your friend(s) hasn't attended a wedding or been a bridesmaid before your wedding make sure they know what you are asking of them. You could even get them a bridesmaid's guide. Don't assume that every person knows exactly what a bridesmaid's role is in the wedding.

If you're a bridesmaid in an upcoming wedding here are a few guides I have found from various wedding websites:
You can find many other tips and tricks from if you can't find it in the articles above!

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