Night and Day - Yellows and Grays {Color Board #3}

I am loving the yellows and grays I see pop up everywhere. It's a fabulous combination that really gives a nice contrast of color. From the brights to the darks, you can play up these color combos however you'd like. If you prefer softer, muted colors you can go to the lighter grays and yellows and if you like bright, eye popping colors you can pick more vibrant yellows with different shades of dark and light gray.

Did you know that there's two ways to spell gray? Yup, the English version and the American version. I'm constantly pausing to think how to spell the word. Totally confused me as I was writing up this post! Grey is used primarily in areas that use UK English. Gray is used primarily in areas that use US English. What way to you prefer to spell it?

From left to right clockwise:  My Sweet & Saucy | Paris Hilton | Unknown | Prada | The Knot | Custom Programs

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