Fall Colors!

I am a winter. I LOVE the summer months, but trying to find colors and styles that are *me* is very hard in the spring and summer months...the pastels and ruffles just don't do it for me!

I am more of a fall/winter person - simple clean lines and NO ruffles! I love deep rich earth tones and dark regal colors (burgundy is my favorite!). That is why I am loving some of our recent program jobs - we are finally back to my colors!


Erin Nowak, Designer and Illustrator said...

Gorgeous! Found your lovely little blog through your forum signature. Your programs are stunning! Love these deep, rich, colors. With pale skin and dark hair, summer outfits never really work for me either. I'll be back to visit your blog again soon!

Adrienne Coerper said...

Thanks! I always love to see someone enjoying the pictures!


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